Tantra Retreat

3 or  8 days Tantra Retreat  Seminar



by Mystic Neverland Reiki Academy Meditation & Health Center at Vathisthea Kythnos Island.

 The vision …. Yes … to LIFE


Tantra workshop offer:

Learn Tantra Techniques that will transform your sexual love life into one of ecstatic pleasure, harmony and deep emotional connection. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

Use tantra to connect to Spirit and to deepen your relationships

Ingrate sexuality and spirituality

Find more bliss and joy for life

Experience the sacredness of Life, your partners and others, in every moment.

Recover for sexual trauma

Heal a lack of sexual sensation

Have a multiple orgasm for both men and women

Discover innovative positions for versatility and compatibility

Expand orgasm to a full body experience

Prolong pleasure by learning to remain arouses while fully relaxed

Transform sexuality into a truly spiritual experience

3 or 8 days Retreat to Kythnos, the island of simplicity and hospitality


Special Price for 3 days € 430 from € 1500

Special Price for 8 days € 2300 from € 5500


  • Accommodation to Vathisthea, Dryopida, Kythnos 3 days/2 night or 8 days/7 nights
  • Breakfast/Healthy Food with biological products to Almyra, Megali Ammos, Kythnos
  • One SUP lesson at the gulf of Megali Ammos
  • One daily excursion to isolated beach with Mystic Neverland speed boat for swim & meditation

During your vacation retreat you can have the opportunity to enjoy holistic alternative therapies with special price for total revitalization and relax such as:

Thai Oil Aromatherapy Massage

Ancient Greek Massage

Holist Massage




Additional Sessions you can enjoy with special price:

·         Meditation Active / Yogic / Guided

·         Dance Meditation

·         Chakra Balancing Meditation

·         Hara Awake Meditation

·         Aqua Meditation

·         Archery Yoga

·         Breath workout workshop

·         Stand Up Paddle Lesson

You can also have the opportunity to do Hiking with special price € 25.

And 20% discount to your lunch and dinner at Almyra Café Tavern, Megali Ammos, Kythnos

Tantra is an Eastern path of personal development based on a system of yoga in which the union of male and female principles is worshipped. It uses the sexual charge within a relationship passion into heightened states of consciousness and create a spiritual bliss. Tantric sex enables us to fulfil our true potential by liberating our sexual energy and freeing ourselves from the limitations of the Self and the ego.

In this Tantric Workshop we are going to discover how to switch off the mind, awaken all the senses and become aware of our whole body. By focusing on the fire energy , which rests at the base of the spine, we can tap new sources of pleasure and develop a greater lust for life and a more vibrant sense of Self. Use meditation, visualization and fantasy to dramatically improve sexual and emotional confidence and take our relationship to the highest attainable level.

Tantric Seminar Retreat introduces the essentials of simple, life-enchancing tradition and teaches us how to find new ways of understanding, expressing and fulfilling our sexuality.

Tantric workshops have had a bad press – often portrayed as excuses for orgies by the tabloids. Yet they’re not solely about sex but sensuality in the broadest sense. SkyDancing’s “Taste of Tantra” workshops combine the Eastern practices of yoga and meditation with techniques from modern humanistic psychology, which focuses on developing the intimacy skills needed to effectively communicate and connect with our partners. Participants are led through a sequence of exercises designed to increase energy and sensual awareness, culminating in an “Erotic Massage” from your partner. Tantra involves letting the mind go and becoming more expressive through your body. Along with a sense of relaxation and playfulness comes a surge of energy, which you can use in creative ways to enhance your interaction with your partner.

Discovering Tantra is more like coming home to ourselves.

Why Choose Tantra ?

The essence of Tantra is a relishing of earthly experience for the experience of divine bliss I can bring us. Sexual pleasure is used as a getaway to divine bliss, and sexual relationship is considered one of the fastest ways of reaching enlightenment. It’s certainly the most enjoyable!

If your passion for life has been stifled within a stagnating relationship, an over-focus on mundane necessities or too much work, Tantra can help you to regain your zest for life, as well as take your relationship to new levels of love and connection.

Tantra is a potent means of transforming your relationship – although, I fyour relationship has cracks in it, putting more energy into it will only expose the weaknesses! Tantra can make your relationship more alive and vibrant, more fun and sensual, and move you out of stagnation by showing you where and how to put energy in. The starting point of the process is to reaffirm the place of spirit in your life, and embrace spirituality in your sexual relationship.

Essentially, Tantra encourages you to honour your relationship as a mirror of the divine relationship between Shakti and Shiva, the primordial couple in Hinduism, and to honour your partner as a mirror of yourself. Both you and your partner are divine, and seeing each other in this light helps you move out of petty squabbles and power struggles into affirming the fundamental strength of your inter-connection.

Tantra sees your connection as a meeting of divine energies, rather than of two ego-bound psyches destined to act out past patterns and ways of relating that stem from your family background. A psychotherapy-based way of looking at relationships can be of limited use, and Tantra replace it with a more spiritual model. It teaches you how to unlock the energies within yourself and to use them to transform your experience of the world into one of bliss.

This involves becoming more aware of how your attitudes determine the way you experience your own reality, and how your level of awareness affects the quality of your relationships with others.

A strong sense of something missing is often what drives both women and men to explore other approaches to sexuality. The awareness of all the possibilities, all the different levels of experience we could have in love-making, and the knowledge that exquisite, divine sexual feelings are left untapped, are what brings us to Tantra. In orgasm we have a glimpse of eternity; letting go into something far bigger and more spacious than our orgasmic gratification. It’s this experience of something vaster that keeps us fixated on sex, striving to repeat the experience. Tantra is the practice that allows you to attain that state without immediately losing it again. It allows you to maintain and extend it.

According to self-styled New Age guru, Barry Long, women and men are prevented from making love to our full potential, because we have not learnt how to make love with consciousness.

Loving consciously involves Shiva (the man) receiving the divine energies of Shakti (the woman)in the act of love-making.  Tantra teaches ways to make lovemaking more aware, and techniques for assimilating the energies of your partner in love-making.

Tantra has become increasingly popular in the Western world in recent years as we seek to address this underlying dissatisfaction with our intimate relationships, in spite of the hype about how much more sexual satisfaction we experience post the 60s sexual revolution. Survey after survey shows that we are not happier with our sex lives, nor our relationships, and Tantra offers us methods to work on these problems in a positive way.

Tantra workshops attract an equal number of men and women from a whole range of backgrounds. They tend to be in their thirties, forties and fifties, coming to Tantra as a result of the realization that the area of relationship, and sexual relating in particular, needs more attention.

Tantra is not a no-holds-barred excuse for sexual experimentation – it assumes that any work on sexual development is grounded in an egalitarian, committed and loving relationship. Within a relationship with a strong heart connection you can do the word of transforming sexuality into a more integrated way of being.

Tantra changes one’s view of relationship. Couples become less dependent, jealous or neurotic. They tend to be more harmonious, fun and energy – filled. In the way of Tantra, you also discover that the relationship you seek outside is already within you.

You simply need to learn about and cultivate the Tantric vision :

a vital, bliss-filled approach to sex, love and life in general.

What is Tantra ?

The word tan translates as expansion and tra means tool. Tantras, the texts outlining Tantric practices, are literally tools for expansion. Tantra involves expansion on an energetic, psychological and physical level, and the teachings have been used for thousands of years as a tool to expand the boundaries of consciousness. Like all Hindu paths, it is primarily concerned with self-realization and enlightenment. Not through the usual route of suppressing desire and renouncing worldliness, but through harnessing the potency of desire, and pursuing bliss here and now. Tantra aims to harmonize life energies and resolve contradictions and conflicts in order to experience life as a flow of intense energy.

The word also connotes embracing. Tantra involves embracing all aspects of ourselves. As long as you split off aspects of your self that you don’t like and hold them at a distance, you have no chance to integrate them and no chance of achieving wholeness. It is a heart-centred path, and invites its followers to embrace all of creation, in the name of love. You and Your partners are both manifestations of love.

Tantra aims at total surrender – letting go of mental, emotional and cultural conditioning – so that universal live energy can flow through us as effortlessly as a stream. It’s finding our way back to our existential roots, letting go into a sense of wonder and oneness with the universe, which spiritual teachers of all paths describe simply as love. On a more prosaic level, Tantric techniques aim to rekindle a lust for life through encouraging a more vibrant sense of self. Tantra is not a matter of rules and rituals: although it has its fair share of these, they are just structures to enable us to access what’s really important – the direct experience of life



3 or 8 days Tantra Workshop includes:

Introduction and Practice

  •  The tantric energy map
  • Chakras : wheels of life force
  • Sacred tools : mandras and yantras
  • Tantra training for couples :
  • Female and male in Tantra
  • The body as a Temple, The way of pleasure, Emotions
  • Tantra for your relationship
  • Creating a Tantric relationship, Tantra for sexual healing
  • Partner work
  • Breathing practice
  • Meditation & visualization
  • Raising the energy
  • Eroticizing your body
  • Awakening the senses, Dance of the goddess, Erotic touch
  • Anatomy of sex
  • The love muscle, Fire Meditation with love muscle squeeze
  • Improving your sexual enjoyment
  • Self-pleasuring, Honouring yoni, Honouring lingam
  • Extended sexual pleasure
  • The goddess spot,
  • Male sacred spot
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Tantric Healing Massage
  • Healing Yoni Massage, Massaging the lingam techniques
  • Tantric Massage for lovers
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